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Murray’s Story- Elevated Myocardial Infarction/ Heart Attack


My name is Murray. I live in Tasmania. It was Friday 13th, July 2012 when I experienced the symptoms of a heart attack. Yes, Friday the 13th has a whole new meaning for me. It’s the day that “my heart attack nearly killed me”.

As a person living with T2 diabetes since January 2004, and having a family history of diabetes and heart disease. Both my parents died from having a heart attack. It was about midday on the Friday when I experienced symptoms, profuse sweating of torso, mild pressure in chest, left shoulder-blade pain and lower neck pain. I put it down to rushing around, over exertion. It was some thirty hours later, on the Saturday evening, when I was taken to hospital via ambulance.

In the Emergency room I was wheeled into a Resuscitation Bay, had GTN spray, blood tests, x-rays. I was then told by the Doctor, that I had a heart attack. I was admitted to the Cardiac ward. During the early hours of the Sunday morning, the pain was constant. I was then taken to the Cath Lab and had four stents and three days later had three more. I had a STEMI, (ST Elevated Myocardial Infarction).

I participated in a 7 year worldwide cardiac research study for post heart attack patients with hsCRP, (high sensitivity C Reactive Protein). I support the Heart Foundation and Diabetes Australia/ Diabetes Tasmania in helping to raise awareness.

In hindsight, had I waited another 8 hours I would not be writing this now.

Heart Buddies, please encourage your friends and family to get a healthy heart check. Most of all, to know the warning signs of a heart attack. If they experience any pain, which is NOT normal. Get it investigated.

Women and people with diabetes may not experience the “classic” signs. Do not delay in seeking help.


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