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Stop Cardiac Service Cuts

CAN YOU HELP? Take action and support the hearts4heart campaign to stop cuts to cardiac technical services.

For people with a cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED), such as a pacemaker, a cardiac technician supports their cardiologist in making sure that their device is working effectively. Cardiac technical services are required for the lifetime of a CIED and currently there are private health insurance reviews taking place which might reduce or remove funding for these services.

These devices are lifechanging and lifesaving for people with heart conditions. Cardiac technical services are a vital part of enabling patients to manage their condition effectively, and to minimise the burden on their daily lives.

The goal of this campaign is to protect funding for cardiac technical services for patients who use cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) to treat their heart conditions.

We are asking the Albanese government to protect cardiac technical services and establish a sustainable funding pathway to ensure access to services, without an additional out-of-pocket cost for patients.

How you can help

Action 1 – sign our letter to the Health Minister

Support cardiac patients by signing our letter to the Federal Health Minister, Hon. Mark Butler MP. A sustainable funding pathway for cardiac technical services will maintain access for patients who use cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs), and means patient will not have to pay an out of pocket cost in future.

Action 2 – Email your MP

Email your local MP to ask for their support with protecting cardiac technical services.
Please edit the email text with your own personal story. Let them know how you or your family has been impacted by living with a heart condition. You can also say what higher healthcare costs, increased travel time or reduced access to cardiac services would mean for you. Personal stories are powerful!

Action 3 – take our survey, tell us your story

Tell us your story by completing this short survey, telling us how changes to cardiac technical services could affect you. This will help us to show policymakers that these services are important and the real impact that cuts could have.
We will use this data anonymously unless you select to become an advocate and share your story publicly.

Campaign ‘About’ page (longer page explaining the background and purpose for the campaign)