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Becoming an Advocate

What is an Advocate?

Being an advocate for heart4heart can be as simple as talking to your friends about the signs and symptoms of heart disease. Advocacy at its core is promoting a cause, and for hearts4heart that means raising awareness. An Advocate can be a patient, family member, friend, carer or healthcare professional who shares our passion to transform the way people with heart disease are treated. The ways in which an Advocate can get involved include sharing your story, dealing with local media and political stakeholders, supporting community events, liaising with patients and posting on social media.

What we do

Events at hearts4heart come in all shapes and sizes. From local community groups, to roundtables in the House of Parliament, our work in raising awareness of disease is far reaching. As a patient-led charity, we invite those affected by heart disease to join us to talk about their experiences. Nothing is more powerful than the lived experience of someone who is affected by heart disease and it is that experience that we want to harness to increase the power of our awareness drives. Hearts4heart advocates work to promote awareness of heart valve disease and advise us on the information and advice patients and their families need.

What Can I Do?

There are many ways in which you can be an advocate, it can be as simple as sharing social media posts, talking to local media or promoting the signs and symptoms of heart disease at events. There are many ways you can support us at hearts4heart. From a simple conversation with a friend or family member to attending Parliament to speak to policymakers about the future of heart disease care. Here are a few ways you can support us.

Become an advocate

Advocates are the core of our charity. Whether you’re a patient, family member, healthcare professional or industry professional, you can support our messages at events, discussions, in the media and online. The simplest way you can be an advocate for hearts4heart is to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and share our messages.
Becoming an advocate, you could: We could provide links here to each so that it is not on the same page? Also we could provide a tick box here on how they would like to get involved and include their name, city, email, condition and how they want to get involved i.e. tell us your story, join patient advocate network etc?

Tell us your story

At hearts4heart we share the experience of patients to promote the signs and symptoms of heart disease and affect policy change that shapes the care of future heart disease patients.

Every heart disease story is important, so we invite anyone who has been effected by heart disease to tell us about their experience. Patients, family members, friends, carers or healthcare professionals, each story is a vital resource for someone else who has been effected by heart disease. These stories also inform our work, giving us a better understanding of heart disease detection, diagnosis and treatment.

If you are interested in adding your story to the website, then please download this form and send the completed version to [email protected] with an appropriate photo of yourself to be added along side your story.

Click here to read the latest patients’ stories on our website.


We hold events across the country all through the year where those with lived experience of heart disease come and talk with others affected by the disease, clinicians and members of the public. These events are about raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of heart disease.

Our advocates are the core of who we are, so if you want to get more involved or find out what events happening near you, email [email protected]


As a charity, we depend on donations and grants to continue the work that we do. Some of our advocates like to organise fundraising events to raise awareness of heart disease and donate money to hearts4heart. Every single pound donated to hearts4heart is appreciated, and all money donated is used to help raise awareness of heart disease and improve the detection diagnosis and treatment of the condition. While fundraising is hugely appreciated, fundraising events also contribute to raising awareness of heart disease. If you would like to organise a fundraising event, please email [email protected]