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Barry’s Poem – Atrial Fibrillation

Here I am stuck in the hos
Have no control not being the boss
The heart is racing
I can’t keep pacing
They can’t find the doc
So I’m watching the clock

Oh wait! The docs arrived
I’ll see what’s contrived
They’re sending me home
Like a lost garden gnome

The drums are still beating
I’m tired of just eating
I’d like to be running
With all systems humming

They said ‘wait some more’
Your not leaving the door
My heart is in Tachy
It’s sending me whacky

The doc has relented
Which has sent me demented
They have passed the buck
And have said good luck

With a referral in place
There is no need to chase

I’m seeing the expert
With my rhythm to convert
He will set me straight
He will tell me, it’s “all good mate”.

I visit the doc
At two o’clock
He begins to mutter
You’ve got Atrial Flutter

He prescribes a pill
So I don’t feel ill
The rate will come down
So there’s no need to frown

I take the script down
To the man in the town
He comes rushing over
To look me over

“That many med
Not good for the head”
I show him my wrist
He can now see the twist

That pulse is still stuck
Like it was hit by a truck
It has a mind of its own
That no-one can clone

When the time is up
I do not give up
It has five days to go
Before the next blow

I will lay on the bed
Whilst they connect a new thread
They’ll turn on the power
At the turn of the hour

The jolt will be quick
My head will feel thick
My pulse will be right
So I can sleep at night

I look forward to this
Something I don’t want to miss
My pulse is erratic
My heads in the attic

At the turn of the hour
He turns on the power
My heart is in sync
Before I can blink

It works for a while
Then I’m forced to dial
I’m beginning to think
I’m back out of sync

At times it is low
With nowhere to go
Then it is high
Way up in the sky

What can they do
Perhaps try something new
I’m very frustrated
It’s not overrated

I need to rest
So they can provide the best
It is the night before
I knock on his door

What will he say
To start the day
Back to the hos
He’ll be the boss

My friends on the forum
Provide a great quorum
We compare all our notes
To keep up our hopes

The Doc comes in without a grin
He’s sure about where to begin

He reads the printout
And replies “lookout”

It’s into the Hos
Because he’s the Boss
I’m first in line
And have stents just in time

He orders a scan
Which doesn’t go to the plan
The decision is made
I’ll have to upgrade

So it’s off to Melbourne I go
To have the final blow
It’s into the theatre
Where everything’s neater

I come out alive
With lots more drive
My head is so clear

Coming home is so near

Upon my return
I have energy to burn
I speak to the Boss
“They’ve switched on the Noss”

The Boss is so glad
That I’m not feeling bad
He says “come back and see me”
In six months so timely

As time marches on
I think something’s wrong
I’m so short of breath
I’m not close to death

With the Boss I catch-up
He says “what’s-up?”
I reply “no breath!”

He replies “fear not the breath there’ll be no death”

“I’ll tweak the pacemaker
So you won’t meet your maker”
I feel so ecstatic
I’m not so erratic

My life is so good
I’m out of the wood
It’s been five years
And I’ve fought back the tears

Now I can say
What a beautiful day
I’m glad to be alive
So I can go for a drive


References in this article come under the following:
1. Doc are the doctors at the hospital.
2. Expert/Boss is My Cardiologist.
3. The man is the Pharmacist

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