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Crystal’s Story – Congenital heart disease

On the 5 of May 1991 I was born with congenital heart disease (CHD) and since then every 3 years I go to see a cardiologist to see how my heart is doing. Every appointment I go to I find out something new about my heart, sometimes good news others not so good.

When I was younger I remember not being able to go to school as much as I wanted to because I was in and out of hospital, going to checkups or just because I got sick, my hands and feet would go completely white due to poor blood circulations every time it was cold and I wouldn’t be able to do much cause it would hurt, I’d get chest infections at random and couldn’t do much running sports as I would like cause I would get breathless quickly, swimming wasn’t too bad so I did that a lot cause it seemed to be the only fitness I couldn’t handle at the time. I don’t know how my mum managed to stay strong through all that happened.

I’m 24 now and I consider myself very lucky, my heart is doing great and I try to keep a healthy diet and do as much exercise to keep my good health up.
We struggled as a family when I was younger trying to pay for all the doctors’ appointments, specialist appointments and hospitalizations that I want to help as many families as I can that are going through the same struggles my family went through that I want to help raise as much funds as I can to help support families who have loved one with heart disease. ”

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