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Jock’s Story – Atrial Fibrillation

My experience with AF was one of experiencing a slight fluttering in my chest initially it always seemed almost as though it was nearer to my throat.

I was painting my daughters house in very hot weather and was not really drinking any water. I felt on certain days a fluttering in my chest . As it got more serious I would simply sit or lie down at home drink a glass of water and then return to the painting.

At the time 2008 Rukshen, who is an Electrophysiologist was not only our next door neighbour but a friend. Cutting a long story short Rukshen returned home late one afternoon as I was heading off to get a glass of water to steady the fluttering in my chest. A friend had quietly told Rukshen that I had told him about the funny little turns I was having. Before I could go home Rukshen asked if he could check my pulse. After a minute he told me I needed to see him asap as he said he felt I had lone paroxysmal atria fibrillation. We tried flecainide I think or Tambicor and both failed to assist. I miserably failed a stress test as I was Fibrillating before the test even started . The impact it had on my life was that on off I would get very tired at work and sit down. Because I looked perfectly normal I think sometimes the girls thought I was faking things when in fact I was dealing with the strange feeling in my chest.

Rukshen first sent me to a specialist cardiologist. He then carried out his own tests to verify the problem. Including the halter monitor. As a friend Rukshen wanted me to go to another electrophysiologist for treatment. I told Rukshen if he would not do it then I wouldn’t let anyone else do it !! He cancelled a trip to the Bordeaux clinic and carried out the treatment in 2008. Cardiac ablation was the procedure.

I was able to return to reasonably heavy physical work not long after the procedure. I had absolutely no issues or any form of medication from 2008 till 2016. I needed just a twenty minute touch up in 2016 . This meant I had saved the Medicare System , PBS and private health funds a fortune.

Because the one treatment followed by a minor touch up meant I was not being constantly admitted to the very expensive cardiac ward each time I had an episode of AF.

The treatment has been 100% effective and I lead a perfectly normal Physically active life once again. I now don’t have the slightest issue with AF whatsoever. This treatment is far far more important for health funds to cover than the money which is wasted on covering the trendy stuff today such as yoga ,chiropractic etc.

Rukshen’s diagnosis and appropriate treatment saved me from a stroke at the very least. My father, who was a doctor was treating himself with warfarin and digoxin. He eventually had a stroke. My Grandfather also a doctor ( specialist) had a stroke. My younger brother also deceased had a stroke. I have no doubt that AF played a part in all their deaths. Unfortunately for the Cardiac Ablation had not been invented . I am still here fit as a fiddle going to work every day and council meetings a couple nights a week and helping out on the farm when required. Cardiac ablation should be fully covered by both the Medicare and private Health funds up to 100% because in the long run it will save money and lives. The person who survives that ends up in a nursing home for years costs the Commonwealth a fortune. Better and cheaper to treat than not to treat

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